Bigger fish in Smollett case

The nation was shocked and disgusted on Tuesday when it was announced, without any prior warning, that the Chicago state’s attorney’s office had dropped all felony charges against actor Jussie Smollett and, save for the forfeiture of his $10,000 bond, essentially allowed him to walk away free from an alleged hate crime hoax.

On top of that, the files and court records associated with the Smollett case were ordered sealed from the public, and virtually all traces of the case were expunged as if nothing had ever happened.

Given the meager reasoning and excuses offered up by prosecutors, paired with Smollett’s decidedly unapologetic attitude — he still maintains he was an innocent victim of a hate crime — there has been an abundance of speculation and theorizing as to what exactly led to the stunning development.

Georgetown law professor Randy Barnett, who used to work as a prosecutor in Chicago, suggested in a tweet on Wednesday that someone very important and influential had most likely pulled strings with the prosecutors to not only allow Smollett to go free without any punishment but had also leaned on the state’s attorney’s office to cover everything up to prevent said important person from potentially being implicated in the matter.

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