Trump Approval Rating Skyrockets

Trump Approval Rating Skyrockets

Trump Approval Rating Soars to 52% after State of the Union Address

Going into the SOTU, the Trump approval rating was about 48%. That was a fairly strong number. The nearly 90 minute SOTU boosted his approval rating to a significant 52%.

The Trump Approval Rating was reported by Rasmussen Reports, which is actually a poll of “likely voters.” Typically, “likely voters” provide a better reading of future election results. Polls of “registered voters” are less informative because many registered voters do not follow through and actually vote in elections.

Note that in my forecast model, I think the Trump approval rating is higher than 52%.

Trump Approval Rating Means Media Attacks and Democrat Attacks are not Effective

The 52% approval rating Trump holds shows that the unprecedented media attack on Trump is simply not working. Despite about 92% of news media articles being negative, American voters are not buying the fake news story line.

Most voters can tell the American Economy is booming. Consider Monday’s Gallup article: “Americans’ Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing.”

  • About 50% of Americans think that they are better off than last year
  • About 69% of Americans think they they will be better off next year
  • American optimism about finances is about at a record high level


That’s a great position for the president to be in two years before the next presidential election.

Bottom line: the constant barrage of negative news from the media and Democrats is largely falling on deaf ears.

This Trump approval rating was impacted by two factors. First, his style of trying to create a better future for America by working together with Democrats was seen as very positive. Second, his efforts to follow through on his campaign promise to solve illegal immigration and protect border security with a wall was seem as showing true integrity.

Over the last decade, voters have voiced considerable concern over candidates promising one thing during an election, and not following through on those campaign promises after they were elected. Voters consider that a lack of campaign promise follow through is an important integrity issue.

Trump continues to score high on follow-through and integrity. This boosts his reelection prospects for 2020. He appears to be moving toward an easy reelection victory.

For more information on polling and forecast models, please see my 2018 book More Great News for America .

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