Congressional Women in White Dresses and Legal Vote Harvesting Fraud in CA

Found out this morning the meaning of the white dresses that the democrat women were wearing to the State of the Union. Women in Chile during dictator Pinochet’s regime would wear white dresses to show that their husbands and sons were missing, where-a-bouts unknown, but presumed murdered by Pinochet’s thugs and the bodies dumped where they would not be found. The women in Cuba and Venezuela also wear white dresses to Sunday church to show that they are also missing husbands and sons – presumably killed by the dictator’s thugs – bodies not to be found. Its the socialist murdering dictators that cause women in the Latin America countries to wear white and yet the socialist congressional women want to replace Trump and our government with a socialist murdering dictator. It makes no sense, unless you realize, as they must have realized, that once the US Constitution and our government is replaced by a socialist dictator, that they will be murdered as they are too close to power to be allowed to stay alive. This behavior was seen in Russia, China and every country that tries socialism. Maybe they are wearing white dresses now so that when they are dead, at least someone will have worn white to morn their passing.

Where the BLANK was Jim Brulte and the state republican party leadership – out playing in traffic? Jerry Brown signed AB 1921 into law allowing the harvesting of ballots, which means that anyone can walk into an election office and hand over truckloads of vote-by-mail envelopes with ballots inside, no questions asked, no verified records kept. And this is exactly how the democrats in CA won so many republican held offices this last November. Arizona passed similar laws 2x last year and the Arizona Republican’s took the issue to the 9th Circuit. Both times the 9th over turned the Arizona laws as an attempt at legalized voter fraud. The best part for CA democrats is that until the 9th over turns AB 1921, it is legal to engage in vote fraud by the truck load. Our voter registration rolls are on-line including signatures. So about 5pm on election day democrats looked to see who had not yet voted, filled in the vote-by-mail ballot for all democrat candidates, cut and pasted signatures from voter rolls onto ballot containing envelopes, gee the signatures match, and delivered said ballots to polling places – by the thousands. Cost estimate about $250,000 plus lots of volunteer time. Just in Orange County more than 250,000 ballots were dropped off at polls on election day. But it gets better. AB 1921 allows ballots up to 3 days to be delivered to polls after election day. So, if the democrat candidate is behind by 15,000 votes, 22,000 votes will suddenly show up all for democrat candidates after the election.

Republican’s could take advantage of the same corrupt laws to harvest votes from registered republicans. Is it just me or is it real that CA Republican party officials don’t seem to care one whit about actually helping republican candidates win elected offices? If the CA republican party officials worked as hard as democrat party officials using AB 1921 to their advantage, there is a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would not be the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. If the CA republican party leadership won’t take AB 1921 to the 9th like the Arizona Republicans did, then play the legal vote fraud, ops, sorry Vote Harvesting game as well or better than democrats.

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