SURPRISE – California College praises Maduro

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On Monday—amid the Venezuelan presidential crisis in which human rights activists and international observers accused Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro of an illegitimate election—Scripps College hosted two speakers to defend the regime against perceived foreign intervention in the country’s crisis.

Scripps has previously hosted officials and speakers who were either supportive or sympathetic to the murderous Maduro regime, including last November.

Scripps, a women-only college, is part of the Claremont Colleges consortium—a group of elite liberal arts colleges in Southern California.

Titled, “Venezuela is Irrevocably Free,” the event celebrated the endurance of socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. The college hosted two speakers at the talk: Akinyele Umoja and Jeanette Charles. Umoja is “a co-founder of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement,” “participated in the International Reparations Summit, and witnessed Venezuela’s ratification of the UN Decade of African Descendants.” Charles is pursuing a Ph.D. in History at UCLA, and previously spoke at Scripps in November to enthusiastically defend the Maduro regime.

According to the event poster, “supporters of Washington’s attempted coup have organized bursts of terrorist violence. They are dangerous people: in 2017 they orchestrated the burning alive of Black youth, among them…on the suspicion that the youth were socialists.” Maduro’s United Socialist Party has been the dominant force since 2007.

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