Socialism or Capitalism?

Please, Democrat, Republican and independent friends, let us reason something together for a moment. I propose and hope we can agree that Socialism, with its inherent evils and the effects it would have upon us both as individuals and a nation, is the most important issue before the American people today, along with the illegal invasion by those from other countries fleeing Socialism. By way of explanation:

Our country’s economic system is called Capitalism. What does that mean? It is based upon the private ownership of property, which includes the means of production for the creation of goods or services for income and the profit from it being retained by the individuals who worked and earned it. It is a free market economic system based on the recognition of individual rights to own property (lands, businesses, goods, etc.) and unduly regulated by government.  Such rights give individuals security and a means to control their own affairs and destiny. Under capitalism, private citizens, with their ownership of property, are responsible for the production and distribution of goods.

What does Socialism mean? It is government ownership of property and control of production and distribution with the income and profits being confiscated by the government to do with as it wishes. The essential characteristic of Socialism is the denial of individual property rights. Individuals have no control over their own affairs and destiny. Almost every aspect of living will be regulated by the government. Thus for certain, Socialism would bring to an end our Capitalist System,  as well as to the God-given freedoms which we have enjoyed for so long in the United States, namely individual liberty and the pursuit of our own happiness.

It has been correctly stated, “Socialism is the doctrine that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, or collective good.”

A poll conducted recently showed 57% of the Democrats polled would support Socialism. It has been seeping in, little by little, over the past one hundred years pushed by the Democrat Party’s so-called progressives and liberals.  If we aren’t careful, every fragment of a socialist state will be adopted a little slice at a time, until one day America will be a full-blown socialist nation, without realizing how it happened.

The Representative Republic of the United States with our Capitalist and Free Enterprise Market System has been the world’s dominant economic system for over two hundred years. Since America’s beginnings, the freedom of private ownership and free enterprise with its spirit of individual competition, have led to the abundance of food and products, more efficiency, lower prices, better products and rising prosperity. The production of food and materials and private individual prosperity has never been – can never be – equaled by any socialist country, because Socialism destroys the competitive spirit within the INDIVIDUAL.

By way of example, the people of almost every country on the continent of Africa are starving to death and Venezuela is in total chaos with tens of thousands of hungry people rioting in the streets. Every one of those countries have Socialist governments in some form. Every country on the continent of Europe is today experiencing the results of the evils of their respective degrees of Socialism with extremely high taxes. Despite tax rates of 75% and more Socialist countries all over the world are without enough food and goods to support the people. The Democrat Party in America, now becoming a strong proponent of Socialism, is leading our Country toward that same end.

How would Socialism affect YOU as an individual? By necessity, tax rates in America will reach upward of 90%, and our way of life will be exactly like that in Europe, Africa, Central America, Asia, Russia and elsewhere. Socialized health care will mandate who your doctor will be, even whether or not you are a candidate for treatment of an illness. It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to buy a new home, land, a car, or reap the benefits of your own labor.  Birth control will be mandated, private ownership of property will be denied, starting and maintaining a business impossible. The list of evils of Socialism is a long one indeed. We hear a great deal from the supporters of Socialism about the sharing of wealth. WHOA!!  Be here warned – Socialism is nothing more than the sharing of misery.

The Democrat Party leaders are committed to destroying capitalism, that which has made America great, and replacing it with Socialism. The platforms of Socialists such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Cortez, Beto O’Rourke and other Democrat Presidential Candidates and Party leaders are drawn from either Communism, Marxism or Fascism.

Their giant first step, with the help of the media, is to destroy President Trump because he looms large in their path with his dedication to America First Capitalism and his Constitutional mind set. I am convinced that the only thing keeping us from a full blown Socialist takeover, even with all his faults, is our current president. Believe me when I say President Donald Trump IS the wall, in more ways than you may possibly realize.

Today, the Democrat Party is the rocket launching pad for a Socialist States of America, and a farewell to the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America. The American people who love freedom and responsibility can cause it to fizzle or watch as it as it soars in flight until it’s too late. No one will be exempt from the evils and misery of Socialism, not you, not your children, not your grandchildren.

We, that would be you and me, have got to fight what is happening.  We cannot sit this out. We have a duty and an obligation to protect, defend and preserve our Country, our freedom, our Capitalist way of life. IF we lose the fight, that loss will come at an unthinkable cost to every American.

The price of freedom has always come with a hefty price tag. Not a single American soldier has ever died in defense of Socialism.

You are free to distribute this letter in any way you wish. Please do so as far and wide as possible.


Guest Post = John Porter

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