Millennials like working in bathrooms?

That is a sign your employees are working too hard? And while this might sound like a nice problem for a small business owner to have, a new study shows that millennials tend to be workaholics — a tendency that can be bad both for them and for your business.

Millennials Statistics

The Millennial Workaholics Index, compiled by FreshBooks, surveyed more than 1,000 millennials and here’s what it found.

  • 56% of millennials work more than 40 hours a week
  • 1 in 5 millennials say they work more than 60 hours in a typical work week
  • 66% of millennials identify as workaholics
  • Millennials are 8% more likely to work 40-plus hours a week than are people age 46 and over

When do millennials work?

  • 70% work on the weekend
  • 63% work when they’re sick
  • 32% work in the bathroom

In another study by Project:Time Off, 43% of millennials (vs. 29% of all employees) identified as a “work martyr”—that is, someone who feels too guilty to take time off. What’s more, 48% of millennials say they want their bosses to see them as work martyrs.

Why Working Too Hard is Bad for your Employees

What are some warning signs of workaholism?

  • Not using vacation time
  • Working excessively long hours
  • Working nights and weekends
  • Having trouble disengaging from work even when not actually working (obsessing about work, checking emails, etc.)

Employees who are workaholics are more likely to have mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, OCD and ADHD, according to a large scale study of workaholism. Whether these conditions exacerbate workaholism, or workaholism exacerbates these conditions, is uncertain.

Working too hard can also negatively affect an employee’s physical health, cause problems in their relationships, and even make them less effective at work.

How Employees Who Work Too Hard can Hurt your Business

Employee productivity is key to your business’s success, so it might seem that workaholic employees are a great asset. But there’s a difference between working hard and working too hard — and the latter can have negative effects on your business.

  • Since workaholics are more likely to have emotional, mental and physical health issues, they can potentially cost your business more in health insurance, workers’ compensation and sick time.
  • Exhausted employees are more likely to make mistakes that can hurt your business. For example, they might ship the wrong order, be rude to a customer, make an accounting error or even cause an injury because they’re so tired.
  • Workaholic employees can cause conflict with other employees, increasing workplace tension and hurting morale.

Read the rest at: Millennial Workaholics

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