Illegal Aliens Commit Fewer Crimes?

It’s a standard liberal talking point, illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than American citizens. National numbers comparing crime statistics for illegal aliens vs Amerian citizens or legal immigrants who are not citizens are not recorded by the federal government to anyone who makes that claim is not being honest. After the President’s border security speech new Congresswoman,  Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez accused the President of lying and said. “Immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than native-born Americans.” Based on what’s available the I.Q.-challenged Congresswomen was not being true.

Even without the data being available it’s logical to suppose that in absolute numbers, illegal aliens do commit fewer crimes than citizens. After all, there are many more American citizens than there are illegal aliens.

The Federal Government does not release data that isolates illegal immigrants who commit crimes, they only look at citizens vs. non-citizens. “Non-citizens” is not a good benchmark because it includes both legal immigrants who have not yet become citizens,  illegal immigrants and people who are here on a visa…all people in the U.S. who aren’t citizens. In other words, as the federal government does not ask about immigration for its crime data (only citizen status), any study claiming that on a national basis illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes is flawed. Additionally, the federal government records federal crimes. Most of the offenses people talk about in discussions about Illegal immigrant crimes are state crimes such as rape, burglary,  murder, vehicular homicide, etc.

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