Scientist are starting to agree – Life is Designed!

My recent book, Undeniable, makes the case not just that life is designed but also that this is obvious — you need no special training to see it. And yet, as with other obvious truths, some people prefer to deny this one than to fully embrace the attending implications.

For atheists to be in denial here isn’t surprising. Short of recanting, they have no option. For theiststo eschew the claim that life is designed is much more puzzling, though, because nothing seems to force them to adopt that counterintuitive stance.

Most people in this second group are fairly described as theistic evolutionists, in that they accept the standard evolutionary explanation for how Earth came to be home to all the living things we see around us. But considering the magnitude of the difficulties that confront this standard view, why do they stand by it? Why do they prefer an oblique version of God’s creative action — where the created order created us — when the more direct alternative ought to sit well with them?

Clear answers have been hard to come by, in my experience. That’s why I was pleased to enter into an extended dialogue with theistic evolutionist Hans Vodder. Even if our discussion doesn’t bring us to agreement, my hope is that we will at least pinpoint the cause of our disagreement.

A Recurring Theme of Probability

So far, it seems that our differences center on my use of probabilities to validate our intuitive sense that certain things can’t happen by accident. Citing a 2003 paper by Howard Van Till, Hans said previously that probabilistic arguments like mine typically require a host of special assumptions, none of which are realistic.

I keep saying the opposite: the math that validates our design intuition is “extremely robust.” Moreover, I keep providing examples to demonstrate that my reasoning doesn’t use the artificial assumptions Hans is concerned about.

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