House loss or RINO pruning?

Looking at the 2018 election results in detail, you will find some surprises including an important and subtle surprise Trump House victory. Contrary to some analyst opinions, Trump did not lose the House. In fact, Trump was not the cause of the loss of the House from Republican control to Democratic control.

Similarly, there’s no reason for the Democrats to celebrate for too long because it is highly likely they will lose control of the House in 2020.

If the Democrats didn’t really win the House and the House wasn’t lost by Trump, what did happen and why?

The Establishment Republicans, also known as the moderate Republicans or the RINOs (Republicans in name only) lost the House. The numbers seem to back up that dramatic claim.

The President’s supporters in the House, the pro-Trumpers, those who supported President Trump’s major policy initiatives enthusiastically, did great. That was a surprise Trump House victory.

How Did the 42 Republican Seats in which the Incumbent Retired or Resigned Do in the Election?

All together 28 House Republicans chose to retire at the end of the current Congress. Another 14 House Republicans chose to resign.

The 42 House Republicans who either retired or resigned can be divided up according to their apparent reasons for their respective decisions:

  • There were 6 House Republicans that were going to lose their House Chairperson positions. It’s not fun losing the power and being less influential in the House.
  • Another 14 House Republicans in my view appeared to be like Sen. Flake and Sen. Corker in the Senate. They didn’t think they were conservative enough to survive in the long term (not just in the next Congress).
  • Another 6 House Republicans were facing potential attacks over so-called scandals.
  • Plus, two more House Republicans were dealing with health issues.
  • Finally, 14 other House Republicans resigned to seek higher office (for example, Governor or Senator)Read the rest at: House Loss

Dr. Lameiro
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