Dems prove you CAN buy an election!

Democrats prove again they will stop at nothing to win, Buying,Cheating, fake registrations and so much more.
“Democratic House candidates this cycle raised $951 million as of Oct. 17, the most recent reporting cutoff, according to figures from That’s nearly 50% more than Republicans. Forty-five percent of donations to these Democratic campaigns came from out of state, compared with 34% for the GOP. Of the 34 red districts at last count that flipped blue Tuesday, the Democrat outraised the Republican in all but seven.

Fundraising for Senate candidates tilted left as well. Democrats raised $513 million, 40% more than Republicans. Sixty percent of Democratic donations came from out of state, compared with 49% for the GOP. The cash deluge helped Democratic heartthrob Beto O’Rourke make even Texas competitive. He lost by only 2.6 points, after raising $69 million to Senator Ted Cruz’s $40 million. In Missouri and North Dakota the Democrats spent more but failed to sway GOP electorates.”

read the rest at: Buying an Election


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