Out of touch Cali Democrat ads scream: “Trump’s Agenda Is Coming to California”

MAGA, Bringing Donald Trump's agenda to California
MAGA, Bringing Donald Trump's agenda to California

This is how out of touch California Democrats are. They’re sending out campaign mailers to Republican households with screaming headlines like:

“Trump’s agenda is coming to California”

As if that’s a bad thing…

Our local State Assembly race is a hotly contested partisan race this year with Democrat Christy Smith challenging incumbent Republican Dante Acosta to represent us in Sacramento.

As expected, we’re being inundated with political mailers. When we received this mailer I thought to myself, “Cool! Let’s see who’s putting Trump’s agenda first!”

Who’s putting Donald Trump’s agenda first in California? Danta Acosta opposition mailer paid for by Opportunity PAC

I flipped it over. YES! Dante Acosta!

Dante Acosta puts Trump’s agenda first. Paid for by Opportunity PAC

Cool ad Dante! YES! Dante is pushing Donald Trump’s agenda in the Assembly! WAIT! Not so fast there… why does it say STOP Trump and Dante at the bottom? Holy cow… this is an OPPOSITION piece AGAINST Dante.

Who’s putting Donald Trump’s agenda first in California? Danta Acosta opposition mailer paid for by Opportunity PAC (inside text)

And now I’m laughing hysterically. THAT was supposed to scare me into voting for Christy Smith?!? I say “Bring on Trump’s agenda! Go Dante!”

This is how out of touch California Democrats are. They are so sheltered in their California Liberal Progressive Leftist bubble that they are not even registering how many Americans LOVE this President. Maybe they don’t see how many people turn out to attend Trump’s rallies. Or maybe they’ve bought the lie that those are paid attendees. But they’re not.

We who support President Trump KNOW that rally attendees aren’t paid. And neither are the thousands who stood in line to get into the rally but didn’t make it before the venue hit capacity, so they stand outside during the rally to support him anyway after standing in line for hours. That’s how much people love this President.

This ad and the others that followed it in the same format are the exact opposite of an anti-Dante ad. These ads actually make the case to vote FOR Dante.

Independent thinkers who are paying attention to the changes in our country under Trump’s leadership can see the gigantic strides Trump’s agenda has made to support, bring relief, and improve the lives of middle class Americans. We feel the relief in our wallets. Business owners feel the relief in rolled back regulations. And we’re willing to vote for anyone who stands with him to bring on more of the same.

Now, even Progressive Liberal PAC’s and the unions who fund them are making the case FOR Trump’s agenda. And they don’t even realize it. Talk about having your head so buried in hate that you can’t see what’s happening right in front of you…

In case you’re curious, here are the other ads they sent. Just more love for the President. Go Dante! Make California Great Again…

Trump’s Agenda is Coming to California… Thanks to Dante Acosta. Paid for by Opportunity PAC
Dante Acosta Bringing Trump’s Agenda to California. Paid for by Opportunity PAC
Dante Acosta, a record Trump would approve. Dante Acosta Lines up with Trump on the issues. Standing with Trump on immigration. Paid for by Opportunity PAC.
Who owns this track record? Donald Trump or Dante Acosta? Paid for by Opportunity PAC.

So if bringing Trump’s agenda to California means we get:

  • A booming economy
  • Lower taxes
  • Highest consumer confidence level in 18 years
  • Record levels of business startups by minorities
  • Lowest unemployment rates for women in 65 years
  • Record low unemployment rates for African Americans
  • Record low unemployment rates for Hispanics

And the list goes on… Who wouldn’t want that?!? BRING IT ON! That’s just what California needs!

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