Mexicans LOVE when we culturally appropriate!

Halloween is nearly here, and it wouldn’t be complete without white liberals complaining about how certain costumes are “cultural appropriation.”

For most Americans, it’s normal to dress up as people of different cultures on Halloween.

For liberals, however, this is “cultural appropriation,” and it’s totally unacceptable.

To show the absurdity of these “cultural appropriation” claims, PragerU personality Will Witt took to the streets of Los Angeles in a Mexican-inspired costume — complete with a sombrero, poncho, maracas and fake mustache — and interviewed college students at UCLA and Hispanics on Olvera Street.

“Cultural appropriation. Why do you say that?” Witt asked one college student.

“Because you’re not, like, Mexican,” she responded.

That’s what it boils down to for liberals. You’re not allowed to appreciate aspects of another culture simply because the color of your skin doesn’t match.

Mexican food, however, somehow gets a pass from liberals.

“Do you think Mexican food is cultural appropriation?” Witt asked another student.

“No…” the student responded, seeming stumped.

Another student attempted to explain cultural appropriation.

“You don’t really understand what their culture means and what it means to wear these things,” she said. “Like the hats, and the maracas, you sort of have to understand where all of this comes from.”

I’m still confused about where this leaves Mexican food. Do I have to understand the deep history behind Mexican cuisine the next time I go to a Mexican restaurant?

Either way, the local Mexican community seemed to like Witt’s costume.

“You look nice,” one local said with a smile on his face.

“Oh yeah, it’s awesome,” another local said.

The consensus was that the costume wasn’t offensive.

“It’s not offensive, I think it’s … you’re in the right atmosphere,” one man said.

The best thing about the segment is that Witt purchased the costume from a Mexican vendor.

“Do you know who sold me this?” Witt asked one of the offended students. “Mexicans. … And so you’re white and you get offended, but Mexican people who sold me this and made me this don’t get offended.”

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