Carpetbagger ALERT! Running in Michigan Congressional District

Michigan Congressional candidate (and carpetbagger) Elissa Slotkin has never paid taxes in Michigan and never voted in the state until she voted for herself in the August primary. Oh, and by the way, she worked in Obama’s CIA. Who she quoted as saying “party before country”, but did she really mean that? She corrected herself (after much prodding).

Her campaign is adamant that she NOT a carpetbagger. I guess that would depend on your definition of “carpetbagger”.

Yes, her family lives in the district.
Yes, she grew up in the district.
Yes, she’s back in the district with her family ever since her job under the Obama administration ended in the Spring of 2017.

But the real kicker is… she left the district to go to college a few years prior to 9/11 and did not return to live in Michigan until 2017. In fact, after college, she joined the intelligence community working overseas in the Middle East, and then returning to spend the remaining years in Washington DC. While I applaud her service overseas… I smell the DC Swamp.

Her entire adult life has been spent elsewhere. Not in the Michigan community she now seeks to represent. THAT is a carpetbagger.

100PercentFedUp reports:

During Barack Obama’s campaign visit to Detroit last week, Democrat candidate for Congress, Elissa Slotkin had a chance to address the crowd. When it comes to one of the most bizarre campaign stories in Michigan politics, Slotkin’s story takes the cake.

Elissa Slotkin, a former CIA analyst who worked under Obama, recently moved into a Holly, MI farm owned by her wealthy family, heirs to the Hygrade Foods Company. The unknown Democrat appears to have been hand-selected by Democrat leadership and funded by mostly out-of-state leftist groups, in hopes of defeating the popular, conservative Congressman Mike Bishop (R). Bishop is a lifetime Michigan resident, who represents the 8th district of Michigan.

And then there was this little “slip up” at a recent rally…

WATCH: DEMOCRAT Congressional Candidate ELISSA SLOTKIN Tells Detroit Audience: Barack Obama “Knows What We All Know…That It Must Be Party Before Country…Always…Always”


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