MEDIA BIAS: When your “political news” is so biased, Yahoo posts it under “entertainment”

Yahoo, Esquire, media bias

When your “political news” posts are so biased and skewed that Yahoo posts them under “entertainment”, you might be Esquire.

Esquire posted coverage of the recent mob of protesters intrusion on Senator Ted Cruz’s dinner with his wife with the headline:

“Watch in Satisfaction as Ted Cruz Gets Chased Out of a Restaurant By Protesters”

Those of use who know “fake news” can spot a biased headline like that a mile away. The fact that Yahoo chose to repost the story in it’s entirety with the original headline under their “entertainment” section is mildly humorous for those of us paying close attention, but also troubling, as most casual readers use Yahoo for “real news” not blatantly biased content like this.

Respectable news outlets don’t publish biased political commentary masquerading as “NEWS” if they want to continue to be considered reliable. This one is a major FAIL for Yahoo. Not the first. Probably not the last. But if they hear from enough of us, it may, one day, make an impact.

Yahoo, Esquire, media bias


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