Trump recognizes 16 year old girls police gift!

A 16-year-old girl said Saturday that President Trump sent a letter to her praising her nonprofit “Blue Line Bears” for its mission to create teddy bears using fallen police officers’ uniforms.

Megan O’Grady, from Cape Coral, Florida, told Fox & Friends Saturday that she received the letter from the president Tuesday commending her on her efforts to support law enforcement through her nonprofit.

“It made me really happy, and it’s probably going to change my life,” O’Grady said of the letter.

Trump wrote in his letter to the 16-year-old that he was “touched by” her mission to comfort children of fallen police officers and that her work honoring the sacrifice of law enforcement ensures that the fallen officers “will never be forgotten.”

O’Grady, who is the daughter of a police sergeant, got inspired to start Blue Line Bearsafter five police officers lost their lives in a Dallas shooting in July 2016. According to the nonprofit’s website, the organization seeks to obtain information about fallen officers and request that their uniform shirts be used to create teddy bear keepsakes for the children of the fallen officers.

“Children of officers killed in the line of duty are oftentimes young, perhaps too young to remember the parent who died,” the website states.  “For those children, a bear from Blue Line Bears will provide a tangible reminder that their loved one will always be with them.”

The 16-year-old said she felt emboldened by Trump and said the president “speaks for all of us.”

“I have a voice now because of him. He speaks for all of us. He stands up for what we don’t want to say openly because we’re afraid to say [it],” she said.

The teen says she plans to frame the president’s letter and place it above her bed.

“So I could wake up and be like, ‘That’s me,’” she said.

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