Sleeping on the Job not a fire-able offence ?

Gotta love government jobs: steady paycheck, cushy benefits, and it’s seemingly impossible to get fired, no matter how incompetent you are.

Such is the case with an employee of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, who apparently was napping at her desk for up to three hours every single day, for nearly four years.

The story of this sleepy state worker was revealed this week in a state audit of the DMV.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the California DMV has been the subject of complaints due to excessively long wait times. The average wait time at DMV offices in the San Francisco area was 43 minutes without an appointment and 19 minutes with one, but those times do not include the time the appointment itself takes, or the time waiting in line to get a ticket — a task which can take hours.

The napping employee, whose name was not disclosed, works as a data operator, which is responsible for updating address changes and new vehicle ownership forms, among other tasks.

The audit revealed that on average, other data operators at the DMV processed 560 documents every day, but this woman only managed to complete 200 a day — less than half. Her coworkers also told auditors that her work was often full of mistakes. (These same coworkers seem understandably annoyed at her slacking; four of them gave witness statements about her to the auditors.)

Mistakes at the DMV are no minor matter — these records include emergency contacts to use if a person is in an accident, and the drivers’ contact information so that they can be notified to renew their license and registration information as needed, and avoid expensive fines and possibly even criminal sanctions if they are caught driving without a valid license.

To sum up: she slept at her desk for three hours a day, every day, for almost four years. Her work output is less than half of what her colleagues complete daily. And the work she does manage to complete is full of mistakes

Read the rest at:  DMV employee sleeping on the job

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