Happy Birthday America?  Part 2

Normandy '10: Ste Mere Eglise La Fiere Bridge, soldier statue, American flag
Normandy '10: Ste Mere Eglise La Fiere Bridge, soldier statue, American flag

I am being bombarded by titles like “Happy Birthday America, will this be your last?”, or “Happy Birthday America welcome to the Banana Republic” and many more titles aimed at throwing stones at our current president.

Yet all the Years Obama was President this same media wrote very little about this countries birthday, like they didn’t care. Whats the big deal?

Ive always said we use different dictionaries.

It seems that when Obama was president and we were the laughing stock of the planet, one of the most untrustworthy allies to have one that could NOT be counted on to step up and support you. A country that seemed to help and support its enemies BUT crap all over their allies. The media was euphoric!

It seems while unemployment was drastic for Blacks and Hispanics and, the market was flat and slipping and GDP couldn’t really ever break a solid 2% AGAIN the media was euphoric.

Obama was theeeeeee man! Greatest president ever (just ask him)…

Now that President Trump is doing ALL or attempting to do all the things he promised on the campaign trail the media is alarmed! Afraid of what that means for America? Are these people serious?

Trump is the worst president and the most evil human on the planet, just ask them they will tell you.

WHAT an SOB he is! Unemployment at historic lows, technically at ZERO!, GDP at a cranking 3+ % and approaching 4%, Black and Hispanic unemployment rates all ALL TIME lows.

We have a President that’s all “America first!” What a tyrant!

We have a President that’s willing to rework deals that were and are detrimental to the US, How dare he? AND we have a President that actually loves this country.

A President that will enforce the laws and keep us safe. A President that is not a politician! One that will do whats right no matter how it looks or what it costs him or how much crap his family has to take!

In short, Happy Birthday America! If the Republican can actually grow a spine and are willing to fight like our forefathers did we can set this country on the right track again.

Get past the noise, ignore the party BS and work off of facts!

Happy Birthday America – Your looking Good!

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