Are Universities leftist incubators ?

A DePaul University professor contends that “leftist professors” are the “gravest internal threat” to higher education in America.

Jason D. Hill, a philosophy professor at DePaul, claims in a recent op-ed for The Hill that higher education has become a battleground where liberal professors are “teaching our young people to hate this country.”

“Our universities risk losing their status as learning sites and becoming national security threats,” he warns, arguing that the solution is to “defund [universities], disband and rebuild them with conservative principles—that is, values advocating individualism, capitalism, Americanism, free speech, self-reliance, and the morality of wealth creation.”

According to the professor, equating the term “Western civilization” with racism and oppression, and the consequent refusal of students “to study the works of John Stuart Mill or John Locke (or any other white thinker) because they consider them white supremacists,” is the lowest form “of educational hell.”

“One cannot argue with such people. The only alternative is to shut them down,” Hill states, referring to professors who advocate for Cultural Marxism and Socialism.

“We are witnessing a generation that will not tolerate other perspectives, students who will not hear opposing ideologies,” Hill warns.

“Educational systems that have become such propaganda machines should not be funded by taxpaying Americans,” Hill concludes, urging donors to “Withdraw your support and leave them to fund themselves. Let them pit their wares on the free market, where they will be left homeless.”

In an interview with Campus Reform, Hill explained that he wrote his latest book, We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People, to further explore how “these Bolshevik welfare scholars who live off the largesse of a capitalist society exploit their students.”

“The main point is that they actually punish alternative viewpoints by demonizing them,” Hill said. “In the name of identity politics, multiculturalism, and gender sensitivity, very often an anti-male posture is adopted in the classroom with male viewpoints being seen as oppressive—and especially if such men hold conservative viewpoints.”

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