Love Trumps Hate? Im so confused!

Until recently it was possible to discern a policy-based ideology of elitism. It was the establishment consensus around the benefits of globalization, automation, centralization and uncontrolled immigration.

Over the past few decades, this elitist policy agenda was implemented regardless of actual election outcomes.

Republicans and Democrats alike encouraged trade deals and financial deregulation that replaced corporate America’s primarily local and national economic outlook with a global one.

Technology was unleashed on the American workplace with no thought given to the wrenching transition this would cause and the massive scale of retraining needed to enable our workforce to cope with it.

Political decision-making slipped from the hands of citizens to distant and unaccountable politicians and bureaucrats, as power was centralized at the federal level. A parallel centralization took place in the economy, as over-permissive antitrust policy allowed businesses to get bigger and bigger, reducing competition in sector after sector.

And immigration was allowed to increase without limit, undoubtedly bringing its traditional benefits by adding to America’s rich history of innovation and entrepreneurship – but now featuring a dark side too, as the mass importing of cheap labor undercut American workers.

This elitist ideology brought enormous benefits to the elite themselves: astonishing increases in wealth, booming urban centers, a fabulous quality of life for those fortunate enough to be part of the new “knowledge economy.”

But for those outside the elite – the 80 percent or so of Americans who were the victims of elitism – the result was less positive.

Incomes went down and jobs went away. The social fabric was torn by community disintegration and family breakdown. People lost faith in government, politics – the whole system. They could see that it was working for those with power, not for everyone

This is what led to the populist revolution that helped elect Donald Trump. And the elite’s reaction has been remarkably instructive.

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