For Fathers Day let reflect on Toxic Masculinity! NOT!

This Father’s Day, men should take the left’s attacks on manliness as men should – with our chins raised and a warm, manly humor in our baritones as we point out all that is good in old-fashioned manliness.

The academic left accuses manly men of having “toxic masculinity.” They insinuate that manliness is to blame for the actions of sexist workplace monsters.

Instead of trying to understand the deep philosophy men of honor try to live up to, those on the left pretend manliness is only as deep as the phrase “man up.” As they do, they portray men in TV sitcoms mostly as cases of arrested development – beer-swilling, barely literate frat boys.

This sexist treatment of men is pervasive throughout the mainstream media and Hollywood-led popular culture. Even Microsoft Word’s thesaurus offers “chauvinist” as a synonym for “macho.”

To rip down the trusses of manliness, critics act as if back to antiquity legions of thinkers, soldiers and statesmen didn’t work to evolve the deep definition of what makes a good man, a man of honor.

Instead, the critics read sexism, misogyny and an Old World patriarchy into whatever remnants of manliness stubbornly hang on today.

The men, or whatever they call themselves, who buy into this ignorant and sexist treatment of an entire body of thought are left with what?

With nothing, that’s what.

Some young men, after being fed this nonsense at a university, start to search for answers outside the politically correct cannon. This is why Jordan Peterson is a YouTube phenom.

As these people turn against the “mainstream” they realize that honor and integrity aren’t toxic old-school notions we must dispel.

How can standing up to adversity with your chin stubbornly out and your back straight be a sign of toxic masculinity?

Should men who speak with authority – not with a talk-over-others arrogance, but with confidence and respect—be called “mansplainers?”

Must a man be meek in today’s office culture to survive?

Can a man even thrive in a competitive office environment if he must be weak?

Of course not.


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