Obama Administration FULL of CORRUPTION!

The ACLJ has just obtained new documents showing the Obama State Department misled Members of Congress about taxpayer funding going to an organization that was attempting to unseat the government of our ally Israel.

We have previously discussed our ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case against the Department of State involving our request for public records regarding grants of U.S. funds to the organizations OneVoice Israel and OneVoice Palestine. While the United States regularly issues grants to international organizations that provide services such as humanitarian relief, educational opportunities, and even opportunities and activities aimed at encouraging democratic voter participation, it turns out the OneVoice organizations went well beyond such measures and actively campaigned against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2015 elections—using resources established and developed with grant funds from the Obama State Department.

One of the important discoveries we made, through documents we received in response to our FOIA lawsuit, is that one of the senior advisers to OneVoice Palestine was none other than the son of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority – something the Obama Administration clearly knew (since these documents were in its possession).

In short, U.S. taxpayer funds were distributed by the Obama State Department to two sister organizations with clear political goals of undermining—indeed, unseating—the sitting prime minister of a U.S. ally.

When U.S. legislators learned of these grants to OneVoice, and OneVoice’s political goals and activities, several of them wrote to the State Department to express their concerns and ask for further information. One such letter came from Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Lee Zeldin, on January 29, 2015. The State Department’s response, dated February 23, 2015, is included in the latest production of documents we received as a result of our FOIA request.

In its response letter, the Obama State Department provided its assurances that “there is absolutely no basis to claims that the Department of State has funded efforts to influence the current Israeli election campaign.”

Read the rest at: ObamaFraud

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