Join Republican Club? YOU RACIST!

A former employee of the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point is targeting conservatives on campus by publicizing a College Republicans contact list on social media.

In an April 19 Facebook post, Erwin Palma, a recent graduate and a former employee of the university, targeted dozens of conservatives by publishing screenshots of their names and labeling them “racists.”

“Hmm, on the bright side, UWSP has its own way to easily identify the racists at school,” the former student wrote, “on the downside, the racists at UWSP get to easily find each other.”

Images obtained by Campus Reform, show that Palma was specifically targeting members of the College Republicans, including a faculty advisor of the student organization and those who simply signed up to receive CR emails.

Students from across the political spectrum have condemned Palma for his post, accusing him of making unfair generalizations.

“I am repulsed,” said Hannah Dee, a UWSP student associated with the “UWSP Green Party,” in response to the post. “To assume the College Republicans on Steven’s Point all share identical views and to go as far as labeling them all as racist is counterproductive, aggressive, and hypocritical.”

Travis Gotchie, a member of the College Republicans, told Campus Reform that the rhetoric in the Facebook post left him “utterly disturbed,” while CR Chairwoman Amelia Heup stated that Palma’s act was “clearly a direct attack on members of the College Republicans at UWSP.”

Dr. Justin Rueb, the faculty advisor of the student group, also blasted the former university employee, arguing that “the generalization (stereotyping) of any identifiable group is inappropriate.”

“In this particular case, the statement flies in the face of historical facts and is also counter to our (UWSP) attempt to instill the concept of civil discourse,” the professor added.

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