Comey’s book another NOTHING BURGER!

“Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace said there are no bombshells in former FBI Director James Comey’s new book that details his private conversations with President Trump and his role in the Hillary Clinton email and Russia investigations.

Wallace said he hasn’t read the book, but based on just-released excerpts, it appears to primarily consist of Comey’s unflattering opinions of the president.

According to the excerpts, Comey says Trump is “untethered to truth” and “ego-driven,” describing his presidency as a “forest fire.”

Comey also compares the president to a mob boss, accuses him of being unconcerned with Russia’s election interference and recalls Trump requesting that the FBI investigate salacious allegations about his actions with Russian prostitutes.

“It seems to me that the real story in this book is that there’s no new hard evidence of any crime, of anything illegal, and it doesn’t really change the equation on President Trump,” Wallace said.

He said he is also struck by the “b*tchy” tone of Comey’s writing, suggesting that by involving himself in the “political food fight,” Comey may have done more damage to his own reputation than he has to Trump’s.

Wallace noted that Trump took to Twitter to slam Comey on Friday morning, calling the former FBI director a “leaker [and] liar” who botched the Clinton email investigation.

Read the rest at: Comey Guilty

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