LeVar Ball good Dad?

It’s no secret that LaVar Ball likes to be very involved in the lives of his three sons — Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo.

This became even more evident late last year when LaVar pulled LaMelo and LiAngelo out of school and took them to Lithuania, where they currently play for a professional team.

As if we needed more proof that LaVar is an extremely “involved” parent, a recent clip from the family’s reality web series “Ball in the Family” just drives that point home even further.

First, it’s important to note that LaVar Ball is not a fan of tattoos. Despite knowing this, LiAngelo went behind his father’s back and got the entire front side of his torso covered in ink.

So when the family prepared to get spa treatments — meaning everyone would have to take off their shirts — LiAngelo knew there would be hell to pay.

“I’m nervous to tell him, because I know he’s going to be disappointed,” LiAngelo said.

And when LaVar inevitably saw his son shirtless, he was indeed angry.

“The fool went crazy and drew all over his body,” LaVar said. He was so upset that he even threatened to kick his middle child out of the house.

“You know I don’t like tattoos, so I guess when we get back home, you got somewhere else to stay because I ain’t letting you stay in my house with that all over your chest.,” he added. “Because I told you if you living in my presence, you better live my way.”

Later, LaVar explained to his son why the issue at hand goes beyond just the tattoos.

“Basically you telling me you don’t give a f— about the family,” he said. “Because you know how I feel about (getting a tattoo) and you went ahead and did it anyway.”

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