If this isn’t obstruction of Federal Law enforcement, what is?

Fact-checking Cali's AG: Send in the clowns!

While U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited the once Golden State Wednesday to give a speech at the California Peace Officers Association’s 26th Annual Law Enforcement Day, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra went to work refuting AG Sessions with Democrat talking points and legalese half-truths.

AG Sessions announced the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to invalidate three unjust California laws designed to obstruct federal immigration law enforcement (ICE) and compromise legal citizens’ safety.

“The laws are harmful to Californians and especially to law enforcement,” Attorney General Sessions said. The laws in question are the recently enacted the Public Safety Omnibus Bill (AB-103), The Values Act (SB-54), and the Immigration Worker Protection Act (AB-450).

The Public Safety Omnibus Bill (AB-103)

AG Becerra’s claim:

“The Trump administration says that AB-103 which requires my office to review detention facilities where noncitizens are held, prevents the federal government from doing its job.”

AG Becerra’s response:

“That’s not true. Our residents and our public officials have a right to know the conditions under which people are detained in these facilities. Those conditions include whether they are being treated properly, whether they have access to necessary medical care, whether they have access to an attorney if they have an attorney, and whether or not they are being afforded due process. All people deserve humane treatment and they deserve due process under the laws and Constitution of the United States.”

Fact check: FALSE  Among other onerous provisions, in its own words this bill prohibits:

“a city or county or local law enforcement agency from…entering into a contract with the federal government or any federal agency to house or detain an adult [or minor] noncitizen in a locked detention facility for purposes of civil immigration custody.”

Its main goal is not to make sure detention facility conditions are proper, but to put obstacles in place so that illegal immigrants are forewarned of an ICE inspection, and thus avoid deportation.

In other words, AB-103 does, indeed, prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE which does in fact, prevent the federal government from doing its job of deportation of illegal immigrants.

The Values Act a.k.a The Sanctuary State Bill (SB-54)

AG Becerra’s claim:

“Finally, the Trump administration says that SB-54, The Values Act, violates federal law.”

AG Becerra’s response:

“That’s not true either. The Tenth Amendment provides California with the right to decline to participate in civil immigration enforcement. In adopting SB-54, The Values Act, California has exercised its rights to define the circumstances where state and local law enforcement may participate in immigration enforcement. And, once again, California is in the business of public safety, we‘re not in the business of deportations. I believe it’s a low blow for the Trump administration to deny our men and women who wear the badge the funding they need to keep us all safe by coercing us to try to do what they want us to do. That is not a good public safety technique to try to coerce us to do what they want us to do. In California we don’t confuse coercion with cooperation; neither should the Trump administration.”

Fact check: FALSE  This Act transforms the entire state of California into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants hoping to avoid deportation. It legitimizes the no cooperation policies between California’s law enforcement and federal immigration agencies.

SB-54 definitely prohibits state and local agencies from sharing immigration information, utilizing monies or personnel to “investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes,” and restricts how state and local agencies can interact with federal agencies in violation of federal law.

Immigration Worker Protection Act  (AB-450)

AG Becerra’s claim:

“The Trump administration says that AB-450, a law that protects Californians’ privacy at the workplace, prevents ICE from carrying out its investigations at work sites.”

AG Becerra’s response:

“That’s not true. AB-450 clearly allows employers to cooperate with ICE. It simply requires that before immigration agents enter certain areas of the workplace, or access employee records, they first present employers with documents that ensure employers and employees their rights and their privacy and that those are being respected.”

Fact check: FALSE  The very name of this Act belies AG Becerra’s statement that its function is to protect Californians’ privacy. In fact, this Act protects the so-called privacy of illegal immigrants and forces ICE to obtain, not simple “documents,” but warrants and subpoenas before they can contact employees at the workplace. Of course this delay means employers have ample time to warn illegal immigrants that ICE is coming to the workplace which by any measure results in interference in the ICE investigations.

Conclusion:  “Federal agents must be able to do the job that Congress directed them to do…We are not asking California, Oakland, or anyone else to actually effectively enforce immigration laws,” said AG Sessions.

Even though AG Becerra said he looks “forward to making these arguments in court,” it is not clear what verdict will be reached. One thing is clear though, each of these three laws inhibits federal response to immigration violations and favors the illegal immigrant over the legal citizen in order to avoid deportation. If that’s not obstruction of federal law enforcement, what is?