What rights will you surrender to stop the Russian troll Apocalypse?

DNC, Silent Protest, Bernie Sanders, Media
DNC, Silent Protest, Bernie Sanders, Media

After a year, even Trump haters are getting tired of hearing about “Russian collusion.” Face it, only true political aficionados pay attention when it’s mentioned on the news. Everyone else just tunes it out. There’s too much minutia to track and it seems like nothing is getting done. So why is this topic important? Because without surety that only American citizens are voting, and our campaigns are not being hijacked by foreigners, our entire political system is at risk. J.E. Dyer at Liberty Unyielding explains:

Astonishingly, the use of social media to promote political themes in the United States, for which a Washington, D.C. grand jury last week indicted 13 Russians, is now being compared – as an attack on America – to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

I think most people are sensible enough to simply discredit this hyperventilation and move on.  But it’s important, before moving on, to register a couple of points about the Russian activity.

Each one starts with the reality that it is a serious matter, to know that Russia is trying to stoke political divisions among Americans.

Russia has been attempting to do that for an almost-uninterrupted period of 100 years now.

That’s basically one of the important points to remember.  If each new instance of it is a catastrophe on the order of the attack on Pearl Harbor, or the felling of the Twin Towers, what does that make the last one?  Because the Russian attacks on our national psyche, mounted through invidious political sloganeering and the exploitation of our own commitments to freedom of speech and thought, have been relentless for most of the last ten decades.


The very last thing we should do is let the “Internet trolls” operation be invoked as a crisis that necessitates Americans giving up our own rights, liberties, and constitutional principles.

Read the full article by J.E. at LibertyUnyielding.


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