We protect beer better than our kids!

Earlier this week ago, a young man walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and opened fire.

As I type this, 17 wonderful human beings are dead and at least 12 more are wounded and fighting for their lives in South Florida hospitals. I’m sure amazing doctors and EMT’s are doing what they can, and the stories of their heroism will be told in the days to come. Thoughts and prayers abound.

The shooter, according to NBC, is a troubled young man named Nikolaus Cruz, who was expelled from the very high school he unleashed his anger upon. He knew his victims. He knew the grounds. It is believed he used an AR-15 style weapon.

The blood is still wet and the calls from liberal politicians are hitting the internet for more gun control. I am tired of arguing with idiots. Gun control doesn’t work. Calling for it is a political ploy for more power or simply ignorance as to the ways of the world.

I will not argue about how scary an AR-15 looks or how the Second Amendment is only for militia. I’m tired of innocent people, especially our children, being slaughtered because we are too afraid to say and DO the truth. Gun control fails 100% of the time. You can outlaw AR-15’s for eternity…that won’t stop evil, death, or carnage.

Columbine was a wakeup call. The first slaughter of its kind to jar the nation. Afterward, we did nothing to stop the next one.

When the sweet kids at Newtown were lined up and executed, I was devastated, and wept for those little ones. What have we done to stop it from happening again? Nothing. Pray vigils happen. Politicians pontificate and more kids will die next year. Well…I say ENOUGH!

It’s time to for armed guards in every single school in America.

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