Tooo Many African Blacks on Campus – So Says Black Students?

ITHACA, N.Y. – A group of black students want Cornell University to focus more on recruiting blacks from the United States, rather than African or Caribbean students, among many other demands.

“Black Students United” – which represents people of the “African diaspora” – penned a letter to university administration recently in response to allegations that a white student from the Psi Upsilon fraternity severely beat a black student from the Kappa Sigma fraternity in mid August.

Cornell closed down the Psi Upsilon fraternity as it works to “develop and implement steps to be a more equitable, inclusive and welcoming university,” according to The Washington Post.

John Greenwood, the 19-year-old student accused of the beating, faces a third-degree assault charge and possible hate crimes. Greenwood apologized for using “abhorrent language” during the dispute, but his attorney has maintained that Greenwood was “in no way involved in any physical altercation of any kind,” according to The Cornell Daily Sun.

Black Students United want more to be done, and they’re using the unfortunate incident to pressure school officials into a list of 12 demands – at least some of which target other black students.

The demands are prefaced with a diatribe on Cornell’s inherently white supremacist system that allegedly perpetuates a daily assault of racism against black students on campus.

“We attend a university that’s obsessed with the optics of our black and brown faces but is indifferent to the justice we week. This is not an indictment of white people; this is an indictment of a system that perpetuates white supremacy and shelters our peers under the warm blanket of white privilege – all the while, we are left to freeze in our frigid reality of racist epithets, essentialist curriculum, and apathetic governance,” the letter read.

“In post-racial America, our classmates call us niggers from their pickup trucks in broad daylight. In post-racial America, we are berated by airborne bottles on our own campus. In post-racial America, we are told we have a chip on our shoulder. We are called everything but our name. Above all else, in post-racial America we are bombarded by the deafening silence that allows the centuries-old hum of white supremacy to grow louder,” it continued. “Silence is violence.”

Read the rest at: No more Black students

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