Teachers and Staff Should Be Packing Heat at Schools, Churches, Etc.

School Shooting, Guns, AF Branco, Political Cartoon
School Shooting, Guns, AF Branco, Political Cartoon

Tami Jackson over at ComicallyIncorrect asks, just how dumb are gun-grabbers? Let’s find out:

The Left has never met a gun control law they didn’t love, which only proves their abysmal ignorance of America’s history and the U.S. Constitution.

Granted, the Constitution is not the Bible, but you better believe it was written by men who deeply respected and lived by the principles of that inspired book.

Progressives — aka Socialists (aka Communist apprentices) — enact public policy with rampant disregard for our Constitution and founding documents.

You can bet Lefties are salivating over the opportunity to not only ban AR-15s, but to repeal the Second Amendment altogether. Wouldn’t you just love to survey a gaggle of millennials, Gen-Xers and Gen-Zers on the street concerning the reasoning behind the Second Amendment? How many do you suppose even know who King George, the original Beastie Boy, was? How many even know that firearms, undergirded by Providence, secured our liberty in the first place?

I am sure as can be that the average government-schooled young person could not quote the Second Amendment, which certainly protects the First.

How dumb are the gun grabbers…

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A.F. Branco describes himself as “somewhere between the Far Side and the right side of every issue.” He sits at his desk daily crafting comically and politically-incorrect cartoons that say with humorous satire what conservatives really think, but lack the opportunity to say to a broad audience. After years of listening to the squeaky wheel of the left advancing the cause of radicalism, Branco decided to use the power of his bully palette to advance the conservative movement. Conservatives worldwide can be glad he did.