Not every mass shooting survivor attacks the NRA & 2nd Amendment

While everyone is screaming about gun control, gun rights, and how best to protect our children, there is a group of ADULTS who have already been through it. Maybe we ought to allow them to weigh in on this issue of school shootings. One Colorado legislator was a student at Columbine High School and a mass shooting survivor. And what does HE think we should do…

Not every school mass shooting survivor attacks the NRA and extolls disarmament. Some have matured and would like to stop schools from being tempting soft targets to armed sociopaths. In other words, they want to end schools as gun free zones which assure would-be killers that they will be able to shoot people without worrying about them shooting back.

Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville survived the Columbine mass shooting and he wants people with concealed-carry permits to no longer be required to lock their firearms in their vehicles when they are entering a school.

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