Mother jailed for Baptizing her daughter.

In what can only be described as a bizarre set of circumstances, a North Carolina woman has been jailed for a week after baptizing her own daughter.
We talk a great deal about religious freedom when we examine the impetus of America as a whole. The first Europeans to ever set foot on the continent that would eventually become the greatest country to ever grace the earth did so with a yearning for the freedom to worship however they wished. It wasn’t a push for world domination, resources, or land. It was simply about starting anew, in a land settled merely for freedom incarnate.

As these settlers found themselves in complicated situations of sovereignty thanks to the British, they once again chose freedom, rising up to abolish British rule on the continent and usher in a second wave of liberty in North America.

To this day, the idea of pure religious freedom is under attack in the nation underneath our feet.  Christians in particular have been targeted in the age of the internet, where the size of the planet has been virtually shrunk to fit in your pants’ pocket, thanks to the vast scope of the internet.  Suddenly, the most progressive of us began clamoring for an understanding and respect for anyone’s beliefs, including the atheists and “Pastafarians” – a mock religion in which worshippers revere a “flying spaghetti monster”.

Looking past the differences in opinion is no problem, but when the left attempts to dictate how Christians can express themselves, we run into issues.  It’s one thing to allow someone to wear a colander on their head for a driver’s license photo, as the Pastafarians do, but it’s another thing entirely to force Christian businesses to provide goods and services to those with whom they wish not to.

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