Democrats need a Trump!

Hatred of President Trump is driving our country crazy. Only crazy people would gush over the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un – a representative of the murderous despot – in order to upstage Vice President Mike Pence at the Olympics in South Korea.

Only a crazy person would send a letter containing a suspicious white powder – which police later said was harmless – to Donald Trump Jr., along with a letter calling him an “awful, awful person.”

Will this hatred ever end? Probably not, and here’s why: Democrats are panicked that President Trump is winning. There is a good possibility that the president will survive his four years in office and be re-elected in 2020.

Internal polling done for Priorities USA, a leading Democratic Super PAC, suggests that President Trump’s popularity is rising. His approval rating was 44 percent early this month, up from 40 percent in November.

Democrats, too, need a new story. They need their own Donald Trump, someone who can weave progressive threads together with mainstream American values to create a new tapestry, winning over disaffected voters on the left and the right. That person has not yet emerged.

The same survey showed the Democrats’ generic ballot lead had shrunk during the same period, with 46 percent of people preferring Democratic candidates to 42 percent for Republicans, echoing public readings.

Of course, polls go up and down, but it appears that if President Trump delivers on important issues, like cutting taxes and streamlining regulations, he will be rewarded. It also seems as though the relentless assault on the president from the liberal media has helped polarize the country but is not bearing political fruit; supporters of the president most likely tune it out.

But here is the real reason why the frustration and hatred from the left will only grow: Democrats have no one who can contest Trump’s grip on the presidency. This is their problem.

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