Californians reward sex offenders early release from prison for “good behavior”

California Flag
California Flag

California voters are SOOO smart (we already knew that, right?) In 2016 they voted in Proposition 57 which allows for the early release of most of the states prison inmates except those incarcerated for certain violent crimes. That doesn’t mean they WILL be released. But it does mean they COULD be released rather than serve their full sentences.

What voters failed to predict is, that early release also applies to sex offenders. LA Times reports:

California must consider earlier parole for potentially thousands of sex offenders, maybe even those convicted of pimping children, a state judge said Friday.


That could allow earlier parole for those convicted of raping a drugged or unconscious victim, intimately touching someone who is unlawfully restrained, incest, pimping a minor, indecent exposure and possessing child pornography.

Yes folks. Californians are apparently ok with granting early release to potentially 10’s of thousands of sex offenders because Californians want to believe that good behavior in prison should be rewarded. Let’s see how this one works out. Any predictions?


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