Blame the shooter and those who failed him… NOT the 2nd Amendment!

Once again, Second Amendment supporters are called to the mat to justify our allegiance to a Constitutional right that, in the view of many on the Left, caused the bloodshed of innocent children in Parkland, Florida. Numerous Democrat representatives, candidates, talking heads, and even narrative-supporting children have taken to the airwaves to project their feelings and “solutions” to gun violence.

Most simply pull directly from the Democrat playbook by calling for restriction on firearm purchases with “background checks, waiting periods, and disqualifying terrorists, domestic abusers, and those in a mental health crisis.” While all of those are considered by gun control advocates as “simple solutions,” none of them would have stopped the Florida shooter from destroying the lives of these families.

Nikolas Cruz passed a background check, he did not buy a rifle and immediately go on his killing spree, he was not designated a terrorist, domestic abuser, nor was he in the system as having a mental health crisis. These “simple solutions” are nothing but a call for infringement of gun rights and appear to have more to do with exploiting a tragedy for political gains, than understanding the loss this community is dealing with or the governmental missteps that led to the shooting in the first place.

The cause of this tragedy was not due to a lack of laws restricting the lawful masses, but the inexcusable failure of the FBI to respond to information from concerned citizens. The agency received multiple calls, including one to their hotline providing information about the weapons, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, which concerned the caller that Nikolas Cruz may attack a school.

What was the defense from the FBI when there was no follow-up investigation to the local field office or to the kid’s family and home?  Quite simply, it, was “our bad” and “we get a lot of calls each day.”

Instead of denigrating and pushing a political agenda revolving around the continual degradation of a Constitutional right afforded, protected, and used lawfully by millions of Americans, let us blame the shooter and those who failed him – not the Second Amendment!

The Second Amendment has become so taboo, that even giving kids water guns is believed to cause gun violence and an unnatural obsession with firearms.  Kids should have structured and intelligent introductions to guns and their intended purpose of self-defense, but instead parents allow them to be experienced through video games, where they sit mindlessly online and get into foul-mouthed verbal shouting wars while trying to do nothing but kill each other in a simulated environment!

I vividly remember Columbine when I was in high school, and hearing the discussions afterward blaming violent video games for the desensitizing of kids to gun violence. Back when my parents were in school, it was not uncommon for kids to bring guns to school in their vehicles, and even into the classrooms for show and tell.

My dad would tell stories about growing up in New York, where he would walk down the street with a loaded rifle at sixteen to practice shooting cans by the railroad tracks. He purchased his first rifle at fourteen with no background check or waiting period. SWAT teams were not dispersed, police raids were not performed at his home, and no one assumed he had some sort of mental illness for simply exercising his Constitutional rights.

Too often, these tragedies are used to rationalize the irrational. Feelings become more important than facts, late night TV show hosts become morality kings, and the heinous acts of the few become all that is needed to justify usurping the rights of the lawful majority.

The real solutions to gun violence lie in taking an honest and proactive look at the mental damage from psychotropic drugs that are prescribed more and more each day. We need all our representatives to perform a thorough review as to why the FBI dismissed all the warning signs of this shooter. But perhaps most importantly, we need to discredit and ignore those who politicize the actions of a few to take away the rights of the many.

Contributed by Jason Gibbs

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