Bill Clinton: Champion of armed guards in schools BEFORE gun control was the mantra

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton

Say it isn’t so. Did then-President Bill Clinton really suggest we put armed guards in all of our schools? Well, the Columbine shooting was fresh in everyone’s mind. And no one EVER wanted to see that happen again. Clinton wanted to take drastic measures to protect our most precious assets… our children… with MORE GUNS!

The shooting at Parkland School was horrible. I have not met anyone who wasn’t deeply saddened by the massacre and searching for a solution to protect our kids from gun violence. And for you liberals screaming about the NRA you are wrong, the NRA is also searching for ways to protect our kids. I happen to believe we need to tighten background checks to prevent sociopaths like Nikolas Cruz from buying one gun (he bought ten). I also think we need to develop a better communication system between law enforcement agencies not only to prevent warnings such as the ones made about Cruz to fall through the cracks but to require more stringent background checks for people whose mother called the cops on them 20x. Finally, I believe we need to create a program to arm teachers like they do in Israel, or to put more than a single armed guard in schools.

Every time someone recommends armed guards in schools a liberal is there to call it stupid or pandering to the “gun lobby.” I wonder how they would feel if they knew the first president to suggest armed school guards. Because it was almost eighteen years ago then-president Bill Clinton, suggested putting armed cops (or other trained armed guards) in schools.

Read the full article and listen to President Bill Clinton in his own radio address at LidBlog.

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