Are doctors prescribing the smoking gun to school shooters?!

Prozac: The new ammo and recipe for disaster

smoking gun
smoking gun

Dr. Bridget Melson was on the show last week stressing the importance of parents being parents (not your child’s friend), less electronics, more face time, and God. With the Parkland school shooting still fresh in all our minds, she delves into another aspect of our culture that needs to be addressed… mind altering drugs. Not illegal drugs. Those drugs that too many doctors are prescribing all too often to kids at younger and younger ages. What are we doing?!?!

She writes:

Take a look at some hard facts (and a small sample of my research) that have been checked and cross checked and let me show you some sobering statistics (taken from “The Spiral Notebook…” Singular, 238) and then I will show you how and why this all can be prevented:

Shooter(s)    ~~  Drugs prescribed:

Dylan Klebold  and Eric Harris age—Columbine Shooting   ~~   Zoloft then Luvox

Jeff Weise—Killed family members, 10 students, wounded 12    ~~ Prozac

Cory Baadsgaard—held 23 classmates hostage with a rifle   ~~ Paxil

Chris Fetters age 13—killed family  members   ~~ Prozac

Christopher Pittman age 12—killed family members  ~~ Zoloft

Kip Kingle—shot parents, classmates, injured 22  ~~ Prozac

Jason Hoffman—shot classmates  ~~  Effexor

Elizabeth Bush—school shooting   ~~  Paxil

Luke Woodham—killed family and students  ~~ Prozac

And this is only the tip of the proverbial psychotropic iceberg.

Read Dr. Bridget Melson’s full article at PoliticalVanguard.


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