Another school shooting? What now!

Life just got real for hundreds of students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

17 families did not welcome their child home yesterday afterschool.

A loving coach stood in the path of bullets to protect his students and now, posthumously, he is called a hero.

Now what?

How do we talk to our children?  How do we know if Johnny Smith down the street may be a threat?   Can this happen to our children in our school, in our town?

How do we as a nation move forward and is there hope?

There are answers to each of these questions as well as solutions to preventing this from happening again.

Although we hear about these tragic mass shootings more frequently, rest assured that they are still rare events and it is highly unlikely that your child will have to endure such a tragedy.

Let’s start with “How do we talk with our children?” We must remember that what we do and how we act will affect them more than what we will say. Children read us and feel our insecurity. Get yourself together, wipe the tears and look confident when discussing events such as this with your family.

If you have children under the age of six remember, simple is better. Focus on the positives and the heroes. Talk about the brave first responders and those that survived because they listened, paid attention and were able to get out safely. Offer to pray for the families involved or write notes of encouragement to them. Then move on with your day and week and go have some fun with them for the weekend.

Elementary aged students may be a bit more curious. Still limit exposure to the news during this time. If they happen to see or hear it, remind them that this a rare event and they are safe at their school and at home. Take this as an opportunity to discuss the family secret word in case of an emergency, maybe practice a drill at home to be safe in case of an emergency and then talk about positive, happy memories and move the conversation forward.

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