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Nations that allow the “stealing” of their language, their culture, their religion, their laws and the glue that binds them, their sovereignty, becomes a nation bound in slavery that breathes only under the whip of the thief.

Directly or indirectly, We Choose the men and women that represent (work for) us in our Nation’s capital.  Employees rely on the supervision of those that ‘hired’ them.  It is the same with our Congress.  Daniel Webster is to have said, in part,…”there are men of all ages who mean to govern well,…but make no mistake, they intend to govern”.

If we, the people, are to continue the type of government that has served us well, we must insure that their oath of office to protect us is constant and that they ‘know’ the facts of issues threatening that security. Of course, that means that you and I, also, must arm ourselves with the facts.

Congress returned to work after another extended vacation with a plethora of ‘urgent’ business waiting. Among them will be Immigration. Which in itself is divided into multiple pods that present their own set of problems.

We are a compassionate Country, yet, we are a land where the “Rule of Law” (designed for our protection) must be honored. The wall, DACA, and chain migration as well as current government sanctioned refugee programs are highly emotionally charged and such hot potatoes you need an asbestos mitts to handle them.

You, too, need the facts  and willingness to share them. I find that at times I “think” I know the facts, but will still check reliable sources. I cannot count on MSM sound bytes, politicians parroting party dictation, and not even my wise old Uncle Buck. It’s a check and check again.

I’m not much of a gambler, but before breaking down some of the immigration issues we face I want to ask you some questions… and I bettcha say no to all of them.  Silly as they might seem, they are actually used in some of the talking points by those wanting amnesty for all and an open door policy as they resist anything that our president supports.

  1. Do you leave the door to your own home open so any stranger can come and go as they wish and allow them to bring others to live there as well?  Yes ?___No ?___
  2. If, as a landlord, you evict a tenant for non-payment of rent, will you promise to keep, nurture, feed, clothe, house and pay for his children’s college while your own do without?  Yes? ___No ?____
  3. Should a crime of any magnitude be ignored and go without consequence?  Yes?___No ? ____
  4. Do you consider a person 31 years old a child? Yes?____No ?___

If answered “yes”, these questions are either an infringement on American Citizens or are in violation of our Constitutionally approved Immigration laws and their changes. (Google United States Immigration Law) While there, check out the requirements for citizenship.

Obviously this is something that simply cannot be addressed in a single sitting, so let’s start with brief factual points from first the Wall. The purpose of a border wall is the same one that makes us fence or wall in our yards. That is to protect our homes and keep unwanted persons away from our door. Surely, our HOMELAND deserves the same consideration.

In 2006, under the G.W. Bush Administration, Congress approved funds to build the wall with both Pelosi and Schumer backing it. A small portion was completed, then Obama’s Janet Napolitano decided that electronics would suffice. While of some value, it isn’t enough unless a Border Agent is close enough to answer the ‘alert’ before the illegal trespassers scatter deeper into our Country. In Section 8, Brooks County in Southeast Texas the ‘wait’ time from a call to agent’s arrival can be over an hour. Gives a trespasser a pretty good head start, don’t you think?

DACA (Dream act) is much more complicated. Just a short time before it was made an Executive Order, X-president Obama, himself, declared that it would be not only illegal, but his authority did not cover such an action. Still, he did it. Sadly, the lack of caring or ability did not consider the ‘big picture’ or demonstrate an iota of foresight and had few restrictions.

Basically, in capsule form:  Any child under 16 years old brought to the United States (from any country) by parents knowingly entering illegally would be given legal visas (child only) and not deported as long as it was renewed and kept current until age 31!!!  or found participating in a crime.

NOW President Trump has ‘counter mandated’ this unlawful act, with understanding. In September of this year he gave all with expired visas time to renew them by the end of October and those current until March 2018 to extend theirs. Ignoring that a measurable number of teenage males were affiliated with violent gangs such as M-13, and an estimate that many were well in adulthood, there are loud cries that “Babies will be ripped crying from the mother’s arms!!! and “It’s not their fault!”

Now, to me, the idea that a full grown 31 year-old is clinging and crying at his mother’s breast is too ludicrous to even picture. With due consideration for true minor children, the point is “WHY” haven’t these Dreamers applied for citizenship when they reached the age of adulthood (18 years-old)? Could it be that they have already have committed a criminal act, or with DACA status they can bring other relatives to the U.S. legally?

CIS (Center for Immigration Studies) estimates at least there are 800,000 dreamers here and each will successfully be joined by 7 to 25 relatives. This is chain migration.  ALL will be entitled to social services and education at yours and my expense, just as their host relative is. These “new” arrivals are not subject to any vetting or medical checks as are required by OUR immigration laws.

Medically speaking, In June 2017, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) declared outbreaks over the last eight years of 22 contagious diseases that had previously been eradicated from our country. Many of these illegal trespassers come from countries where they are prevalent. Your fourth grader may be sitting next to a child from one of these third world countries and who be a carrier.

Our education and social services are over loaded financially, nearing collapse, leaving many American Citizens living without. The entire economy is buckling under the load of this deluge of criminal entrants. They come from all over the world so that you and I can ‘take care’ of their children. These ‘Dreamer Children’ came because of their parents and as unpleasant as it is, just as the entire family is evicted for non-payment, so must they be sent back to the country of origin with the parents if still a minor. The LAW doesn’t make exceptions.

We can have different opinions on this and still share our love of Country, while working for it’s protection. There are many creative ideas from a very diverse group of Americans that can become a solution if, if, if we listen and don’t lock our own ideas in a room where it cannot morph or mingle while dying from lack of oxygen.

Laws are made for ALL Americans, not just you or I. Laws without enforcement result in chaos. We honor those that came before us by holding true the Rule of Law that make us exceptional.

There is so much more to learn about all of these ‘pods’ of Immigration issues.  While I continue to share what I’ve learned (verified) I encourage you to do the same. This way we have fact, not fiction.

In Prayer for our Nation
Jan Brown

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