Throwing money at FAUX issues wont save the US.

image made from signs and symbols taken in amsterdam's red light district

America is in serious trouble. As a nation, we are not only on the verge of economic bankruptcy, but we are already in a state of moral and political bankruptcy. Most politicians believe that throwing millions of dollars into one program after another will help save America, but in truth, the hole of filth our nation is in, only gets deeper and deeper.

Look around you! Sexual perversions of all kinds are now acceptable. They are given special legal status and protection over the majority of normal acceptable moral values. They are taught as normal ways of life to children in public schools as young as kindergarten. Some schools even teach kids that sex, including homosexual sex is something they should explore.

America has not only turned away from God, but it approves of those who mock, condemn and blaspheme God, Jesus, the Bible and anything Christian or Jewish, but no one dare say anything against Allah, Muhammad or Islam. It’s unacceptable to mock Buddhists, Hindus, Shintos and even voodoo witch doctors, but it’s fair play to mock Christianity and Judaism.

The traditional family structure has been attacked and destroyed, along with parental authority. Our nation is rampant with violent crimes and politicians lie, cheat and do many things for their own self-gratification.

Compared to the America I was born into 66-years ago, America today is a cesspool of decadence, lawlessness, corruption, sexual perversions and one where many of our God given rights and freedoms are being stripped away.

Several years ago, I obtained bookmark from the National Center for Constitutional Studies, titled, Principles of Liberty. As I recently read through the list, I could plainly see why America has become the cesspool it has, and it’s because liberalism has driven our nation away from those principles.

Read some of them for you to consider here: Comments

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