The Tweeting Trumpster – DONT STOP!

On the campaign trail last year candidate Donald Trump decried the tendency of the US to give money to countries that harm American national interests and those of our allies. The President is making good on his promise to make sure America wins by challenging foreign aid to countries, groups, and international organizations that do not support US interests. He has also been using Twitter to annoy his opponents, rally his supporters, and to advance US interests.

During the campaign Donald Trump sent out many inflammatory tweets that would quickly draw criticism from the media and political establishment; they would also rally his base. From the beginning, Trump has used social media to make certain he was defining the narrative. The more the media and political elites attacked him, the more his supporters loved him. The media simply did not know how out of touch and vindictive they sounded to average Americans. Far from being a crazy, lunatic, loose cannon, Donald Trump had a carefully crafted strategy at work. If one did not know better, one might even imagine it to be a thoroughly polled and studied approach. Naturally, the left likes to portray President Trump and his tweets as resulting from madness or a feeling of sexual inadequacy. They simply cannot accept that he is smarter than they are.

Shortly after he won last year’s election, President Trump tweeted about plans to replace Air Force One, complaining that the replacement plane was too expensive. Shortly thereafter, Boeing announced a dramatic decrease in the price of the new plane, and now plans are under way to continue with procurement. The President likewise targeted the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter stating his belief that existing air frames would be sufficient. Lockheed Martin decreased the price. In these and many other instances, the President has had great success using Twitter to achieve results for the American people.

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