Reforming Medicaid… Let the states do their job!

US Governors Map
US Governors Map

Why isn’t trying to earn a living by working a requirement for receiving Medicaid and other welfare assistance like housing and food? Of course, exceptions should be made for the truly disabled and those working toward getting skills and becoming employable.  As more people become positive contributors to the economy, benefits could even be increased for those truly in need.  But it makes so much sense to require those capable of working… “no work, no benefits.”

Only ten states have petitioned the federal government so far to allow local rule-making as to who qualifies for Medicaid.  They are Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin.  One has to ask why other States, especially the welfare mecca of California, are not listed with these innovators.  Perhaps it’s the missing States’ tolerance or downright acceptance for the “bread and circus”-style of political vote buying. Taxpayers are being played for chumps in these other 40 States.

Young people (Millennials) should be especially incensed that while they work entry level jobs and pay taxes, “professional” welfare gamers live off ‘the system’.  Like the young lady on a questionable disability claim who continues to work for cash “under the table” as a waitress and who is not disabled enough to prevent her from surfing regularly.  Taxpayer-provided housing, food, medical and EBT cards are her reward for gaming the system while her coevals work, pay taxes, pay-off student loans and struggle to make ends meet.

People who are working should be provided good medical care and wellness counseling.  It’s such a common sense concept that it’s nonsensical to even have to mention it, but an ill employee is not a productive employee.  Keeping working people fit and healthy is good for our entire society.

Retirees on Medicare should also be upset that their benefits are limited after lifetimes of work and paying taxes. Money that could be directly to the truly worthy retired workers is spent on those who are able bodied, younger but just plain lazy.  America must take care of its elders who have earned their Medicare benefits.  They should not be driven into poverty by an illness or live their remaining years in squalor if they have worked.

Then there is the case of illegal immigrants. The claim is made that this group positively contributes to the economy.  If this is true, why are some claiming welfare benefits like Medicaid?  If they hold a job, why aren’t they covered by their employer’s health care plan?  Isn’t that the law under Obamacare?  Seems like the underpaid illegal immigrants lacking employer benefits are merely servants for the rich or unscrupulous employers.  Again, we taxpayers are being played for chumps by politicians who should champion citizens and those legally immigrating to the United States FIRST.

I applaud the Trump Administration for its bold move to allow States to determine how Medicaid is to be administered. Its far better to have LOCAL government that is responsive to its citizens control such programs than some faceless and disconnected Federal bureaucracy.  It would also make far more sense to have this decision be made by Congressional District so that our US Representative could be held directly accountable for how our tax dollars are spent. But that is a topic for a future blog.

Walt Watson resides in rural Northern California where one still finds clean air and pure water, devoid of the distractions and crowded rat lifestyle of urban / suburban living and where community is more important than political affiliation.