NBC Slammed for Bias in Winfrey Tweet

Giving fuel to the fire of those who believe NBC is heavily biased against conservatives, Republicans and President Trump, a tweet sent during the Golden Globe awards appears to show the network lining up behind a liberal celebrity for the Presidency.

NBC tweet calling WInfrey "OUR future president"

The network posted tweet shortly after Winfrey’s politically charged acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Following a hailstorm of criticism, the network began to backpedal from the post.  After deleting the tweet, the network then posted the following statement:

The network’s response did not please many of the critics who initially called out the network’s praise of Winfrey, which the Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor called “stunningly unprofessional” in a statement to Fox News.

Many went after Winfrey herself, posting photos of the celebrity with disgraced former studio head Harvey Weinstein.  Those connected to the political world, however, seemed to stay focused on NBC itself including Donald Trump, Jr.:

The network has not said if they will continue to contract with the third party involved in the original tweet.