MLK’s nephew says Trump no Racist!

For most of the nation on Monday, it was a Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But for CNN and other mainstream media networks, they’ve been engaged in what seems to many to be a multi-day Paint Trump as a Racist event. However, one attempt by CNN to double-down on their fresh attack on President Trump’s character failed miserably when they brought MLK’s nephew on the air in hopes that he’d bash the president, too.

CNN host Don Lemon, who has become one of Trump’s most derisive critics in the media, interviewed Isaac Newton Farris Jr.

Farris is the president of The King Center, an organization that promotes MLK’s push for nonviolent social change. He spoke with Trump on Friday about race issues and was present for Trump’s signing of a proclamation designating Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal holiday, according to NBC affiliate 11 Alive. Lemon had him on air to address the “s—hole” comment Trump allegedly made about Haiti and African countries during private DACA negotiations.

It was obvious from his answers that Farris is not a big Trump supporter, but he was also unwilling to follow Lemon’s lead in labeling Trump a racist.

Farris said the president is “racially ignorant and racially uninformed” instead, before walking back the “ignorant” comment because he felt the word has too negative a connotation.

“The president, I do not think, is a racist as we have traditionally known in this country,” Farris said.

“If you’re racially uninformed and you’re ignorant…doesn’t that make you racist…and maybe you’re just ignorant and you don’t know that you’re racist?” Lemon insisted.

“No,” Farris countered. “What it means, Don, is that maybe you have said or done some racist things unknowingly, so that does—”

Lemon cut him off, saying, “That’s kind of what I just said. That makes you a racist.”

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