Heterosexism must go!

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The University of Arizona (UA) is recruiting “feminist” interns to help fight “racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and heterosexism” on campus.

Hosted by the school’s Women’s Center, the FORCE: Feminists Organized to Resist, Create, and Empower program recruits student interns each semester to help create a “feminist community” and host educational programs for UA students.

“We are a collective of feminist, social justice oriented individuals dedicated to raising awareness on issues of gender and inequality,” the program description notes, adding that the group seeks to nurture “activism, events, and consciousness-raising engagement” on campus.

Events hosted by FORCE in the past include an even titled “Deconstructing Cisnormativity,” a discussion designed to tackle the “taboo” surrounding abortion, and another dedicated to making crafts out of expired condomsprovided by the UA Women’s Center.

FORCE interns also plan the school’s annual SlutWalk, which is attended by several hundred students every year, and organize an ongoing series called “Sip and Bitch,” where students who are “BOLD, not bitter” make arts and crafts while talking about political issues.

Following a new trend that Campus Reform has observed at other colleges, FORCE interns will actually need to pay for their unpaid internship, since they must enroll in a three-credit course hosted by the Women’s Studies Department as a condition of enrollment.

Thus, the unpaid internship will cost in-state students roughly $3,029 and out of state students $4,888.05, according to UA’s tuition calculator. Chris Sigurdson, the school’s media officer, confirmed to Campus Reform that students must “pay for all academic credit they receive and that includes credit they receive for internships.”

In addition to FORCE, the school also recruits interns to conduct workshops on “rape culture” and promote discussions on whether “consent can be given if alcohol is present” through a program called SPEAC: Students Promoting Empowerment and Consent.

The FORCE program is funded by the school’s mandatory $75 student fee, which students must pay each semester. Over the course of a standard four-year degree, that fee amounts to at least $600, and goes into a general pot of funds for all student clubs.

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