FBI Investigating Clinton Foundation

The FBI is launching a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The Hill is reporting that high level officials within the Justice Department want to focus on “pay for play” actions taken by officials of the Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.  Other illegal activities taken by Clinton and those connected to the Foundation is also on the table for FBI investigators.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

FBI agents in Little Rock, Arkansas, where the foundation launched, are leading the way and interviews have already begun with a person of interest.

The major thrust of the investigation is whether Mrs. Clinton took actions or promised to take actions as Secretary of State in return for large donations to the Foundation or commitments to pledge from foreign governments and foreign operatives.  Also, because the foundation is non-profit, the investigators will look to see if tax-exempt items were used to benefit Mrs. Clinton’s campaign for President or other political activities taken by Bill, Hillary or others connected to the Foundation.

The initial investigation into the allegations that illegal activities were directed by the Clintons during her time as Secretary of State received significant resistance by officials within the Justice Department who were carryovers from the Obama administration.  Recent statements that show former FBI head James Comey changed reports related to Clinton to make them less condemning have fueled speculations that Comey derailed investigations into Clinton’s wrongdoing.

The FBI’s Little Rock field office referred questions from the media to Washington, D.C. which refused to comment on any potential ongoing investigation.  Foundation officials did not respond to inquiries by The Hill.

Investigators have a problem in the timing of this latest examination into Clinton’s actions as most federal crimes that could be brought in the case have a 5 year statute of limitations and Clinton left office in the beginning of 2013.