Facebooks DBL standard – Left leaning!

Facebook is OK with this –
“I will find The Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.”

But NOT with Bible Scripture

Explaining the biblical view on homosexuality does not meet Facebook’s community standards, but wanting to burn a Christian mom alive for her stance against feminism and political correctness does.

Her name is conservative blogger Elizabeth Johnston, but you may know her as “The Activist Mommy,” and a group on Facebook sure has a lot of hate for her, as they have named themselves “I will find The Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.”


When Johnston reported the group to Facebook for “harassment,” the social media empire said the group with the violent name did not “go against one of [Facebook’s] specific community standards.” According to the Facebook moderator, Johnston needed a photo to prove harassment, not the name of the group.

Needless to say, Johnston is none too thrilled by Facebook’s response, considering that she has been censored by the organization for far less.

“So a page named ‘I Will Find Activist Mommy And Burn Whoever Runs It Alive’ does NOT go against Facebook’s community standards? Hmmm…if that is not targeted violence, nothing is! Facebook is a joke! Share this folks!” Johnston posted on Facebook.

Eventually, the leader of the group issued a disclaimer that they really do not wish to harm “The Activist Mommy.”

“I don’t really want someone to burn her alive. I don’t want to; I don’t want followers to do so, just don’t do it. I don’t condone it,” said the group leader.

The group’s page has since been changed to the much more charitable name “May God make the Activist Mommy spontaneously combust.”

Last year, Facebook suspended Johnston’s popular page temporarily for quoting the book of Leviticus. Apparently, that violated “community standards.”

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