Democrats now add TREASON to qualifications for office!

“Bradley” Manning was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison on multiple espionage violations. The information Manning gave to Wikileaks gave the names and address of spies all over the world (among other information).  Manning’s self righteous twisted reasoning was that it didnt matter how many people were tortured or killed, People needed to know what the United States was doing in the intelligence arena. No care as to how it would affect families, none.

Yet manning wanted us to have compassion! Manning wanted us to have mercy. WHY?   Manning Didnt!

No regard to what the affect on others was. NONE!

Manning was very lucky that a not-guilty verdict on the MOST serious charge of “Aiding and Abetting” was arrived at. it would have been a minimum of 136 years.

Imagine Manning wanted special treatment for surgery, Manning wanted us to understand why Manning did it. Manning wasn’t a hero he was a coward!

Manning now wants to be a Senator. Manning wants to be trusted with inside info, maybe even be appointed to an intelligence board and more… Are we serious?

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