Deep State being Unraveled?

This whole Russia collusion thing that’s been pinging President Donald Trump since before he even physically took over the White House is crumbling as we speak.

Cooler heads already knew the collusion smoke being fanned by the “impeach Trump” crowd has been little more than, well, smoke. But now even the hotheads of the political world have to be catching on, facing uncomfortable facts.

Thursday on “Hannity” on Fox News, a Republican lawmaker, Rep. Matt Gaetz, appearing with Rep. Jim Jordan, offered up this shocking appraisal of the Robert Mueller-run investigation into Team Trump: No doubt, people are headed to jail.

“[This is] a lie built on corruption,” Gaetz said, in reference to the special counsel query from Mueller, Breitbart noted. “Think that that this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail.”

Why so?

Members of the intelligence community, backed by Democrats, have been stonewalling a Republican-led request to view a specific memo regarding the FBI, the Department of Justice and Trump — a memo Gaetz, who sits on the Intelligence Committee, said he’s seen but wanted immediately released to the American public.

“What are Democrats afraid of? They don’t they want the American people to know the truth about what was going on with the government, how that impacted the president, his transition, his campaign and it just seems interesting to me that Democrats don’t want us to know what the entire basis was in the first place for the Mueller probe,” Gaetzsaid.

Good question, good points.

He’s not the only one asking.

Rep. Ron DeSantis said Friday he’d like the memo released, as well.

“Let’s get that out there so the American people can see how this whole collusion thing was going on during the campaign,” he said, on Fox News.

Jordan, meanwhile, has been a steady voice of criticism in the Russia collusion allegations for weeks now, but just furthered his concerns about anti-Trump intel shenanigans with a blunt piece penned for Newsmax that was aptly titled, “Rep. Jim Jordan: My Top 18 Questions on FBI, DOJ Corruption.”

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