The “Do anything you want” feel gooders get caught!

From PolitiChicks Editor Ann-Marie Murrell:

For decades Leftists have been screeching about “Free Love!” “Do whatever makes you feel good!” “Anything goes!”

They ridiculed anyone who believed in celibacy, monogamy, modesty.

They made TV stars out of women who “leaked” sex tapes. They celebrated gay sex scenes in movies and on television, and they cried tears of joy at gay parades featuring dancing, gyrating CHILDREN.

THESE things, they said, are beautiful. Any type of sex is perfectly wonderful and if we want to throw our sexuality in your faces you better not say anything about it. Anyone who disagrees with our lifestyle, our philandering, our cheating, our whatever-we-choose, is prudish, old-fashioned, ignorant.

They worked hard to erase all lines of decency in cinema and television–after all, who’s to judge what’s “decent” anymore?

They pushed boundaries so far into Leftist field that it’s become difficult to know if you’re watching your favorite television show or a porn movie.

They say, “May Mother Earth help you if you dare complain, you backwards, ignorant, non-progressive bigot! How DARE you try to slow down this slippery slide into full-on Sodom & Gomorrah, and how conventionally religious you must be to use that terminology!”

But of course all of that was yesterday.

Now, SUDDENLY, seemingly out of nowhere, those same preachers of Sexuality & Sexual Freedom & Sexual Equality are Nuns and Preachers and Saints.

Those sexual men–the ones they placed on sky-high platforms before– are SUDDENLY predators, trying to force those poor, decent, morally sound women (and men) to do things they never dreamed of doing. No matter that they’ve all been paid boatloads of money to take off every piece of clothing on their bodies. No matter that any of them would (and will) do anything/everything a director tells them to do on camera, to be shown to the entire universe. No matter that they’ve all bragged publicly about the unimaginable things they’ve done in public and/or private–THAT was for “ART”.

SUDDENLY they are saying HOW DARE a man, standing in his bathrobe in his private hotel room, ask one of these Sudden Saints to have sex with him!

How DARE this man make assumptions about Saint Whoever who has been pursuing him and teasing him ceaselessly for work/money/whatever!

How DARE this man/woman grabbed the butt of the actor/actress he once did a sex scene with (or will do in the future)!

And yeah, interesting that this sudden transformation–this Hollywood/Media Newly-Virginous Awakening–is all about one thing: Politics, and getting rid of President Trump.

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