Sufi’s are always peaceful? No, they are not!

Sufi Ritual, Egypt, Cheri Berens, Video Still
Sufi Ritual, Egypt, Cheri Berens, Video Still

I made a couple of comments in the threads of my last two posts that in Egypt, a Sufi is no longer “moderate”. I got attacked in a few messages that I was spreading lies, and, ignoring the “fact” that Sufi’s are always peaceful.

No, they are not.

As part of my job, I have traveled throughout Egypt to film Sufi sects. At first, I was to investigate whether any ancient remnants existed that tied their rituals to Pharaonic times or to the Christian era (yes, in Egypt, some Sufi sects were directly tied to ancient festivals that took place during the Pharaonic period, and then, those that took place during the Christian period).

Maybe someday I will compile my research on this subject and write a book on it, but for now, I will tell you that my research concluded that the Sufi sects in Egypt have fully succumbed to Islam.

Most sects either begin their rituals with Quran readings, or go to mosque beforehand to listen to Quran readings, and if they use music, they tie it to Quran recitations or Islamic sayings (usually something Muhammad allegedly said).

I took this video just months before the Muslim Brotherhood took power, and before the police system was removed. For quite a long period of time, we had no police. Before the police were removed, we had tourist police, local police, security police and military police. I always felt safe no matter where I traveled in Egypt.

Police brutality did exist in small amounts, but it was usually done by ‘security police’ whose primary job was to keep an eye on known terrorist groups.

But the Brotherhood, who were the ones primarily watched the most by security police, propagandized isolated cases of brutality and demonized all police, to the point where police were first made impotent (afraid to stop street violence for fear they’d be accused of “brutality”), then, the police were removed.

I explain this because I was lucky that the police were still functioning during my visit to this village, or I think I may have been killed.

After the Brotherhood took power, the Muslim population of this village attacked the Christian part. One Christian was killed and an elderly Christian woman was thrown from her apartment balcony (several stories high).

Ten Christians were hospitalized. Christian homes, shops, businesses were looted, then burned, and their fields and livestock were destroyed completely.

The violence against Christians in this region has never stopped to this day.

The Muslim part of this village, including the “Sufi” part, has done nothing to stop this violence.

Upon arriving at this village, I was taken to a compound by my host (the sheik of the village). The only entrance to the compound was a padlocked, metal door. A male unlocked and opened the door, and after I entered, the door was closed and locked.

Yes, I was locked inside a walled compound – where the women resided. Women were not allowed out without permission.

I hung out with the women for a while and then the sheik came to get me and took me to the area where the Sufi were to practice their rituals. The event took place in the village square, and as is usual for most villages, there is a mosque in the village square.

At first my presence caused a commotion. I do not wear a headscarf, but I do dress modestly, baggy jeans and a long sleeved, lengthy blouse that goes down past my hips.

I was quickly escorted into a side room of the mosque where I sat for over an hour in the dark (there were no lights) wondering what was going on. Apparently, the sheik had to calm down the arriving spectators and warn them I’d be soon appearing (unveiled) and taking video.

Although taking place in the village square, no women were allowed to enter the square.

Some women did arrive later during the Sufi rituals (the rituals lasted about 6 hours), but the women hid in side alleys where they could not be seen. But they could hear the music and “peek” at the rituals now and then.

All of these women were severely veiled, even their hands were covered, and even the small girls were fully veiled, as young as 2-4 years old.

Tell me, what is so tempting about a four-year old’s body that it must be covered??

I will tell you. The imam at this “Sufi mosque” tells the villagers that a woman’s body is pure evil (sexually evil).

Every Sufi sect I have visited has been similar to this one.

Yes, they appear “peaceful”. And westerners are told they are peaceful.

But they go to the mosque. They listen to the preaching and to the violent verses of the Quran. Some dress like Muhammad and believe they must behave as Muhammad did.

And when they were told to attack Christians in this village—they did. Including tossing an old woman off the balcony of her apartment building.

So please, do not tell me how peaceful Sufi’s are. If they are Muslim, if they go to mosque, if they listen to the Quran, and follow the Hadith of Muhammad, they are a ticking time bomb.

Video: 3 min 49 seconds, 1st half is of the women, 2nd half a Sufi ritual.

Cheri Berens lives in Egypt working as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the Muslim Brotherhood takeover and violence that followed.